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Don't Shake The Mango Tree: Tales of a Scottish Maasai

At age fifty, Graeme and Candy have a mid-life crisis! Abandon their comfortable Edinburgh life and move to Tanzania where they rent a cottage on a deserted beach near an old friend who tragically dies and they have to bury. Out of the blue they accept a job to manage a luxury safari lodge in the middle of the wild African bush. Surrounded by witch doctors and an array of eccentric and exotic friends they set out on a new career while surviving bouts of malaria, scorpion stings and encounters with lions. As the years pass, their life becomes an exciting rollercoaster of emotions and madcap adventures as they are submerged into the local culture and gradually become respected members of the Maasai community. Floating on the surface like swans, they paddle furiously below water as they cater to their international guests' every whim. Life is not dull. Each tale is told with a touching blend of humour, tragedy, gratitude and joy. Graeme and Candy fell in love with Africa. Reading this book, it is impossible not to do the same.

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